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Hung Up

Madonna featuring ABBA
Hung Up (DJ Ro Mix) 8'29 130 BPM
Contains extensive samples from "Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)" by ABBA (1979). But yeah, but no, but yeah, but no, oh shuddup, it's not my fault, it's Madonna who started it*. If the links above don't work, try these:


Great job, gay floors can't get enough of it. I get at least 1 enquiry everytime played. Wasn't playing Hung Up at all until your mix.
DJ Lexie Bradfield (Sydney, Australia)

Thanks for the remix of Madonna's track. It was fierce, I loved it.
Michael Crespo - Flava Music Inc. (New York, NY)

I love your treatment on "Hung Up", with the addition of the original "Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)" sample you gave the dance floor exactly what they were expecting to hear - great job.
DJ Randy Bettis (New York, NY)

(...) every Saturday night it packs my dancefloor. They absolutley love it.
DJ Ken Currier (Ogunquit, ME)

Thanks much again. You did a great job on it.
DJ Steven Oliveri (San Diego, CA)

Hey Ro, Tight Mix!!!!
DJ Mac Vaughn (Chicago, IL)

(...) in all honesty, it's excellent: Mamadonna'd be proud of you!! Seriously, very fine work, keep on keeping it up!!
DJ Maryon Rags (New Orleans, LA)

Thanks so much Ro for your track....Its Great !!!! The crowd loves it.
DJ Ting Azarcon (Wilmington, DE)

Thank you for you mix of Hung Up. You really did a great mashup of that song.
DJ John Larsen (Los Angeles, CA)

I love your remix of Hung Up.. It's a pleasant abba interchange that makes the crowd go wild when they here "gimme gimme gimme"
DJ Vernon Magsino (Chicago, IL)

I loved your madonna remix, and I might just play it tomorrow night for christmas eve, give the boys something happy and vocally
DJ Sean Greene (San Francisco, CA)

I downloaded the track and love it. Perfect timing on the transition, and the original insert just long enough. Great mix!
DJ Freddy Arends (Miami, FL)

Thank you so much. The Houston Crowd went wild and had the arms justa waving in the air screaming singing to both of their Fav. You did a incredible version (Geniuss just Geniuss)
DJ Rene (Houston, Texas)

You go Ro!!! This is a fabulous version! Already workin' it in the clubs & the boyz are loving it! You've got em screamin' & bouncin' off the walls!
DJ Felicia Villani (Palm Springs, CA)

Thats a wonderful remix! thank U :)
DJ Tzahi Albo (Tel Aviv, Israel)

I think you did a great job! I was wondering how long it would be before somebody mixed the ABBA original into it. You did it well. Very smooth - no key change - no double beats. Nice one.
DJ Rob Davis (Sydney, Australia)

will work good with the crowd at the club,
DJ Yaxkin Retrodisko (Mexico City, Mexico)

I will definitely feature this at Giant on January 1st.
DJ Frank Wild (San Francisco, CA)

I love this mix, especially for the use of the original Abba-material.
DJ K. (Cologne, Germany)

WOW, Incredible MIX! Perfect set up, and finally someone using ABBA and Madonna in a perfect, seamless set up! A+++ Keep up the great work!
DJ Jon Williams (San Diego/Sacramento, CA)

I like it. I was actually going to do this for New Year's Eve, but you saved me the task of doing it. Thanks !!! :)
DJ Paulo (Los Angeles, CA)

I like it - nice bit of a mash up in the middle there.... bit "handbag" for me - but I'll play it out on Thursday in Barcode Soho London and see what reaction I get!
DJ Tim Jones (London, UK)

HOT. Love it. I've already burned it to my itunes at work and at home - nice work, much appreciated. Better than any of the commercial mixes, too.
DJ Chuck Arida (Columbus, OH)

i. love your mix...good energy and love the fact you use the abba original...that song is hot!! good work!
DJ Alex Lauterstein (New York, NY)

Well, i must say that you do a great job on that mix of Hung Up, it's very good and i like it very much! so keep do a great remix's and be sure that im going to play it :)
DJ Mor Avrahami (Israel)

OMG this mix is HOT - I can't wait to play it at my clubs!!
DJ Jeremy Martorano (Phoenix, AZ)

VERY NICE MASHUP! I can agree this is the best combination of the 2 songs I've heard. Great job!
DJ Trypsin (Orlando, FL)

Very cool! I had no idea you mixed! (makes sense now!) The mix sounds great! Levels are right on... everything is synced nicely! Flows well! I'll definitely play it if you don't mind!
DJ Josh Gram (Dallas, TX)

Totally aswsome.....Its much cleaner. I like tracy youngs but yours is awesome too. Cant wait to play it Friday nite..
DJ Josh K (Portland, ME)

Congrats!! This song is so fun. I'll definitely play it out.
DJ Cary Stringfellow (Salt Lake City, UT)

AMAZING!!!!! Great job !!! I love it !! I'm playing for sure !! Thank you !!
DJ Bryan Pfeifer (San Diego, CA)

Thanks so much for the extension of Hung Up. Sounds great, and I am sure I'll play it this weekend.
DJ Robbie Leslie (New York, NY)

I must say I really like your production of Hung Up, and I LOVE the ABBA inset in the middle of the song. It really made a difference from all the 9090873409324 bootleg versions out there.
DJ Ranny (Boston, MA)

* referring to Little Britain character Vicky Pollard.

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