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ABBA The Visitors Revesited by Disco Intensity ABBA
The Visitors (Revisited by Disco Intensity) 7'01 132 BPM
Another ABBA song, I know.... Well I'm a child of disco, so get used to it! Disco Forever! :-) If the links above don't work, try these:
Now I hear them moving
Muffled noises coming through the door
I feel I'm
Crackin' up

Voices growing louder, irritation building
And I'm close to fainting
Crackin' up

They must know by now I'm in here trembling
In a terror evergrowing
Crackin' up

My whole world is falling, going crazy
There is no escaping now, I'm
Crackin' up


Love it!!! I will absolutely be playing it out. On the RSVP Mexican Riviera Cruise the coming week and I already have a space for it in one of my sets!
DJ Randy Bettis (New York, NY)

thanks for sharing your Abba remix. We love it and play it a lot.
The Perry Twins (Los Angeles, CA)

I really enjoyed your remix of ABBA and it works well on my dance floor.
Chris Shannon (Phoenix, AZ)

it's a great mix i played it last night and they were blown away
DJ Chris Padilla (New York, NY)

I LOVE THIS! I'll be playing it at PURE this weekend...
DJ Carl Michaels (Philadelphia, PA)

Hi Ro! Thanks for the great mix!!! VERY COOL!
DJ Felicia Villani (Los Angeles/Palm Springs, CA)

Merci d'avoir partage avec moi ton REMIX de Abba (...) Je ne manquerai pas de jouer ton remix des mes prochains sets.
DJ Marc Tattoo (Vancouver, BC)

Great Job Ro!! Once again you've impressed me with your remixing talent and i look forward to playing this classic!! Keep up the great work!!
DJ Bryan Pfeifer (San Diego, CA)

Oh crap...I never knew queens kept hand held fans in their Dolce & Gabbana pants. Even the leather men started screaming. This was simply amazing...Thanks Ro
DJ Rene (Houston, TX)

Hi, thanks so much for this re-edit/re-master excellent job. I am always trying to introduce great classic music to the dance floor. This will work really well.
DJ Lawrence Needham (Glen Cove, NY)

Great mix Ro !!! Wonderful beats and very electro-modern...cool!!! Love it...
DJ Ting Azarcon (Wilmington, DE)

liked the mix - very fun :-)
DJ Joe Gauthreaux (New York, NY)

Love the update. This is a personal fav anyway. Thanks for bringing it on!
DJ Joe Gauthreaux (New York, NY)

always love your production
DJ Mike Da Wizard/Flava Music (New York, NY)

Job well done. I've heard three productions from you and I already feel an evolution in your style and technic needless to say your on the right track ;-) Your timing couldn't be better, I do the official Black & Blue launch cocktail this Wednesday, so you can count on my support for playing it.
DJ Gilles Massicotte (Montreal, PQ)

Thanks for the Abba track, its wonderful. I'm going to have some fun with this! This has long been one of my favorite tracks of theirs but always one of the more difficult to mix.
DJ Rick Hancock (Seattle, WA)

Love it, thanks! Total fan and unabashedly
DJ Phil Hoskins

Exciting new mix to a great classic!
DJ Mark Cicero (New York, NY)

Thanks for you great remix! I like it very much. I'm always happy to play special remixes and yours is great! :)
DJ Tzahi Albo (Tel-Aviv, Israel)

Very catchy.. love the electro sound!
DJ Mike Menard (San Francisco, CA)

I like the mix its very nice and it has the same feel of the original.
Michael, MindTrip Productions (VT)

Nice job- keep up the good work! This track brings me back to a happy time- thank you!
Emotional Landscaper/DJ Gemini (Grand Rapids, MI)

I think it sounds great and I'll play it Sunday night at Thick.
DJ Frank Wild (San Francisco, CA)

Thanks for the hookup.....turns out I play a wicked T dance tomorrow....so I"ll most likely play it.....woof..
DJ Herbie James (Fort Lauderdale, FL)

Really good. Thanks--Ill play it.
DJ Diato (Cleveland, OH)

Thanks! I'll use it tonight!
DJ Robbie Leslie (New York, NY)

well I was raised with Abba so I'm a big abba fan too :)
DJ Paulo (Los Angeles, CA)

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